Silk Scarves hand Painted by Art Matenwa

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11" x 60" hand painted silk scarves by Art Matenwa

We love partnering with these beautiful artists from La Gonave, an island of Haiti located west-northwest of Port-au-Prince in the Gulf of Gonâve. It is the largest of the Hispaniolan satellite islands.
Each scarf, made of white, hemmed 100% silk, is stretched tight on a frame and laid over an original pattern. The entire pattern is hand-copied onto the translucent silk in light pencil then retraced with a clear, washable liquid resist and laid in the sun to dry.

Once dry, silk paint is carefully brushed between the lines of resist (this is where mistakes can easily get made from a slipped brush to a landing chicken.) The colors are heat-set by hand with charcoal-filled irons, then the resist is washed away to reveal a white, un-dyed line between each color. Each scarf takes an artist 2 days from start to finish.

The designs are drawn from daily life, traditional spiritual symbols, and flora and fauna.

When you purchase these pieces you are using your buying power like you mean it!