Trio Pouch Set


The Product:

The thing about using my favorite XL tote, is that it holds EVERYTHING. And all that EVERYTHING, needs to stay organized. I mean, we can only go so far using ugly plastic zip lock bags, am i right?  

These trio pouch sets were developed out of a great need to ORGANIZE. I love that they also look nice sitting on the bathroom vanity, as well. Then when traveling it is super easy to only pull out the one I need, say to go re-apply a bit of make up, before the next flight! 

The fun part about this product is that its made in assorted fabrics, so your 3 pouches will match, but the one you get will be a surprise! Or if you want to know what you're getting, go for the gorgeous afrique print! -MK

The Story:

Made from upcycled fabrics found in the local market. Using them to organize gives these fabrics an excellent 2nd Story!

The Details:

 -3 pouch set with a zipper and small tassel:

 small 4 x 6 "

medium 6 x 8 "

large 10 x 8 "

-100% local materials

-85% recycled materials