Each one-of-a-kind piece of clothing you see below is a story of redemption. What was once thrown aside as “broken”, “not worthy”, and “less than” has been picked up, cleaned off, and joined together with others like it; it has been transformed, given a new name, and now is deemed “#notwasted.” (the names, by the way, came from you, our beautiful community of customers, who told us some of your “feel good triggers” since these are clothes you can feel good about buying!)

These up-cycled clothes came from overstock or thrifted clothing that was shipped from developed countries to Haiti, where the ones that aren’t picked up and sold by the local vendors often end up in the landfill. Our sewing team then goes to buy these clothes from the market (win #1: local commerce!), washes them, cuts them, and sews them together (win #2: providing fair wage jobs!). Because of this, they are no longer destined to be thrown away (win #3: the environment!) and now are going to be given a new home in your closet (win #4: fashion!). We just know that you’ll feel good about buying these!