Where there are no social services or insurance, a medical emergency or death in the family can put a family into a downward spiral that is nearly impossible to get out of. Often times families borrow the money they need and then get caught in the cycle of payments to very high interest rates. So they may not be able to eat well for months or even be able to put the kids back in school until it is paid back.

And everything they’ve been building for can be lost over one event.

One of our staff had this happen with the earthquakes in November 2018. It shook her block home to the point that it could no longer be lived in. She had to demolish and rebuild.

There was no help available from her government to help rebuild her house or offer her temporary housing. 
So we started an emergency fund, and a generous donor helped to cover the expense of rebuilding her home. 

We want to keep building an emergency fund so that we can help in times like this! Because people deserve to be able to lean on the shoulders of others during a crisis!

When our staff comes to us with heavy hearts after tragic circumstances we want to be able to help them avoid the crippling weight of debt.
Partner with us in building our emergency fund here. Just specify "emergency fund" in the notes.