Your Cause Box

Do your own fundraising with us! Buy our products at a discounted rate and put ALL of the profits towards your cause! 

You know that feeling when you’re working hard fundraising, feeling like you’ve tried everything, and are trying desperately to come up with new creative ideas? Yeah, we have totally been there too! And we know that whether it’s for a mission trip, a club or team, a community project, or anything else, fundraising can be super challenging. That’s why we have come up with this new way to partner with you: “Your Cause Box” will enable you to sell 2nd Story Goods products and keep ALL your profits to go towards your cause. If you’re going to invest in something to fundraise, it might as well support another great cause! This is a win-win because you will be supporting two causes in one: your own cause and creating living wage jobs in Haiti! 

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Email with any questions! 


*we are not able to offer returns on any products bought for your cause box


Example box: 

-8 journals: 

  2 small leather 

  2 medium leather 

  2 medium saddleback 

  2 medium burlap 

-2 luggage tags 

-4 pairs of earrings ($10 pairs)

-6 bracelets

 2 dog tag

 2 white clay bead stackable bracelet

 2 goldenrod bead stackable bracelet

-3 keychains 

-2 burlap wristlets


Total retail value=$330

Your price= $230


With this example box, you would make all your money back PLUS at least $100!