Woven Together

You wanna know one of the main reasons 2nd Goods Is able to do what we do? It’s because of YOU, the customer. You said yes to being involved in the conversation and because of it we’re changing the world together.

It’s not about finding the cheapest most convenient thing anymore, it’s about making mindful purchases! When you buy a baby mobile, pillow, or rug from a company that has a high value for the humans making the product and their children (and their children’s’ children) your purchase expands from just meeting your decor needs to impacting a family line. I know that sounds dramatic, but it it’s the honest truth.

That’s why we are so passionate about sharing the stories of our amazing team here in Haiti, because you are a part of our story. And maybe we are a part of yours also? Isn’t it great to all be woven together like this!

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